• POEA License # 037-LB-021716-R

  • Business Procedures

    POEA is mandated by the Philippine Government to regulate and monitor the activities of agencies or business entities engaged in the deployment of Filipino Workers for jobs anywhere in the world.  Each Filipino worker who wishes to work in any country must be registered with POEA as an Overseas Filipino Worker to ensure his/her safety and security.



    The requirements for documentation and processing vary depending on the existing rules, guiding principle, and laws at the point of origin of the principals.


    Important documents to submit

    (POLO Attested)

    • Job Order (Manpower Request)
    • Standard Employment Contract for various Skills.
    • Special Power of Attorney
    • Affidavit of Undertaking
    • Contingency Plan
    • Business License and Address/Sketch
    • I.D of Employer
    • Visa Slip