• POEA License # 037-LB-021716-R

  • Requirements & Procedures

    Preparatory Task

    We assist the candidates in the preparation and completion of pre-requisite activities such as medical examinations, visa and work permit applications, travel and itinerary reservations, and other relevant documentations.


    We provide OFW-applicants with career counseling about the current job market condition and in finding employers in various countries according to the applicants’ qualifications and the availability of jobs abroad. We also provide counseling for both the applicant and the family who will be left behind as the need arises.

    Evaluation & Screening

    We follow the strictest recruitment procedures set forth in the implementing rules and guidelines of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).We thoroughly screen candidates from their application, interview, examination and evaluation, to their medical examination, making sure that they are qualified in every aspect.



    For Nurses and Clinical Positions

    Initial Requirements and Qualifications:

    • 200 Bed Capacity
    • 2 years experience
    • Employment gap is not more than 3 months
    • Updated CV with the following:
      • Job description
      • Cases handled
      • Equipment used
    • Diploma
    • Transcript of records
    • License (PRC ID)
    • PRC board certificate
    • PRC rating
    • Complete certificate of Employments (previous to present)
    • For Staff Nurse (1) reference/recommendation letter from immediate nursing superior with contact number & letter head
    • For Clinical (2) reference/recommendation letters (diff. signatories & diff. content) with contact numbers & letter heads.
    • Other professional related certificates (ACLS, BLS etc.)
    • Passport copy
    • NBI copy
    • 4pcs. 2×2 picture white background
    • Saudi Council (if any)
    • Prometric (if available)
    • NOC /final exit visa for Ex-abroad only
    • OMA cert. for muslim only


    For Admin and Support/Technical Positions

    Initial Requirements and Qualifications:

    • Updated CV with job description
    • 2 years experience
    • Employment gap not more than 1 year
    • Diploma (College/High school)
    • Transcript of record/Form 137
    • Complete certificate of employment (previous to present)
    • 2 reference/recommendation letters (diff. signatories & contents) with contact numbers & letter heads
    • Other professional related certificates and trainings
    • Passport copy
    • NBI copy
    • 4pcs. 2×2 picture
    • NOC /final exit visa for Ex-abroad only
    • OMA cert. for muslim only

    Applicants with existing application with other agency for Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs need not apply.


    Step-by-Step Recruitment Procedure

    Initial Application

    1. Submission of CV via e-mail or personal for evaluation/screening.
    2. Fill out the application forms if qualified and submission of complete requirements.
    3. For English Proficiency test (EPT)
    4. Administrative Examination for Data Entry Clerk and Admin Assistant applicants.
    5. Initial interview by the recruitment specialist.
    6. Files sending to employer via e-mail for review and approval.


    Candidate in Process with Job Offer 

    1. Submission of original documents.
    2. Prometric Examination/Data Flow if required (by applicant).
    3. Verification of Documents (by agency).
    4. Medical Examination (The candidate must pass the medical exam otherwise application will be closed/dropped.
    5. Stamping of Visa and Processing of OEC (This is the responsibility of the AGENCY)
    6. Pre Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS)
    7. Request for Ticket
    8. Final Briefing prior departure
    9. Departure