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     Philippine Society of Emergency Technicians


    The Philippine Society of Emergency Medical Technicians (PSEMT) is a non profit, non-political, non-union, body which is dedicated to the cause of pushing for the introduction of an effective National Ambulance System for all citizens of the Philippines, irrespective of social status, religious beliefs or political affiliations. Their prime objective is the development of a first class Emergency Medical Services in the Philippines.

    We are the only recruiting company in the Philippines that is in partner with the Philippine Society of Emergency Medical Technicians (PSEMT). With this great partnership, our company can provide you with excellent Registered Nurse Emergency Medical Technicians that are certified and comprehensively trained.

    Visit: http://www.psemt.org/

    Life Support Training International

    For the Registered Nurse Emergency Technicians, they undergo their trainings with Life Support Training International. They are the industry leader in all levels of instruction in pre-hospital emergency medical care and the only fully certified training and assessment centre in the Philippines. Their standards of training meet with the highest international standards.