• POEA License # 037-LB-021716-R

  • About Mega-Pro International Resources Inc

    MEGA-PRO INTERNATIONAL RESOURCES INC. was established in 1999 with specific focus on Employer-Employee requirements.  Since our inception, we have successfully built-up a group of competent Recruitment professionals to become part of our valuable workforce for continuing growth and success.

    We have customer-focused Recruitment Consultants and Specialists that are highly skilled and trained, including experienced Job Evaluators and Support Staff in our Recruitment and Placement services.


    Where Mega-Pro operates

    Mega-Pro proudly operates and deploys OFWs in Saudi Arabia. It has accredited clients, government and private hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


    Why Mega-Pro International Resources, Inc.

    A Philippine landbase recruitment company. Established in 1999 with POEA license no. 037-LB-021716-R, it hires, places, and outsources highly qualified Filipino health specialists/professionals to companies and hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Mega-Pro does not just meet manpower needs of its client. It also uplifts the quality of life of the people it hires. By doing so, the company can meet its client’s highest level of expectations.

    It provides the following:

    • Highly trained and customer-focused recruitment consultants and officers, specialists, job evaluators, and support staff
    • A comprehensive screening procedure
    • Professionalism and integrity
    • General welfare of the workers


    Company Mission

    • Mega-Pro maintains the highest standards of excellence, professionalism, and integrity in recruitment. To achieve these, it only selects the most qualified Filipino workers to meet its client’s workforce requirements.
    • The company focuses on hiring numerous skilled workers and training them thoroughly. It locates, selects, screens, and mobilizes potential talents, focusing on both quantity and quality to help its client achieve its organizational goals and objectives.
    • Mega-Pro owes its track record of satisfying the needs of its clients and candidates to its extensive experience in recruitment. Having industry-specific focus makes it unrivaled by other recruitment and staffing firms, using its in-depth experience and numerous connections to its advantage.


    Company Vision

    • Mega-Pro aims to become the prime recruitment agency for candidates and clients by focusing all of its recruitment activities towards Saudi Arabia’s huge demand for labor, as well as other Middle Eastern countries
    • To achieve this vision, it deploys qualified, professional and licensed Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in various industry sectors across Middle Eastern countries.
    • Mega-Pro also extends its OFWs to other countries and industries outside the Middle East, aiming to exceed its clients and applicants’ expectations.


    The Mega-Pro guarantee

    Recruitment Specialists

    Mega-Pro’s specialized recruiters and evaluators are highly skilled and capable in any division or subsidiary of an industry. The company always considers its people’s unique skills and requirements, and which field to put them in.

    Immediate Response

    The company can quickly fill a workforce. Mega-Pro will always have professionals on call, ready to go to work, because it constantly recruits people.

    Comprehensive Screening Procedure

    Mega-Pro created a screening process that thoroughly assesses candidates, ensuring its client that it will get the most suited individuals for the position requested.

    Professionalism and Integrity

    Mega-Pro is guided by the principles of professionalism and integrity, serving the Overall Interest of Mega-Pro’s client and protecting the general welfare of its workforce.

    The company proactively deals with its people and clients to achieve maximum results. This establishes long-term relationships with other businesses, further strengthening Mega-Pro’s ties with its business partners.


    intends to become a by-word of the foundation of high standard and excellence!


    Our Core Activities

    We are very proud to have the following lead countries as it’s operational and deployment grounds

    • Saudi Arabia
    • Qatar
    • Azerbaijan

    Our Future Advocacy

    With the new trends in advanced technology, we are currently underway in moving closer to provide an on-line recruitment services to allow our foreign Principals as well as our Applicants to get an easy access to the status of recruitment processes in a way that will make them updated of the developments in a most prestigious way we may serve to operate, match and perhaps exceed several service standards.

    We have developed our website to make it more user-friendly for our clients to find the information and services that they require and also for fast and efficient process of sourcing applicants.

    We are committed to making all the recruitment and visa application process as fast and easy as possible and we always look forward to unveiling many more improvements in the coming months.


    We Specialize in the Recruitment and Outsourcing of Filipino Workers


    List of Clients:

    Government Hospitals

    • Prince Sultan Military Medical City (PSMMC)
    • Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs (NGHA) Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Al Hassa, Madinah
    • King Fahad Medical City (KFMC, Riyadh)
    • Ministry of Defense & Aviation (MODA)
    • Ministry of Interior (MOI) Security Forces Hospital (SFH)