• POEA License # 037-LB-021716-R

  • Recruitment Specialist

    We have specialized recruiters and evaluators in each of the industry’s specific divisions & subsidiaries, always putting into consideration the needed unique skills and requirements for each specific industry. And also we have the knowledge and experience where to locate the best people for the field.

    Immediate Response

    We can immediately respond to your need of finding specific professionals or workforce. Due to our constant recruitment of people, we have prepared qualified candidates beforehand that are ready to go to work.

    Comprehensive Screening

    Due to our long years of experience, we have come up with a screening process that will completely and thoroughly screen candidates. By this, our Clients will be assured that they will get highly qualified candidates that are best suitable for the position.

    We specialize in the recruitment and outsourcing of Filipino Workers

    We run a very effective office management and recruitment systems conducive to producing qualified manpower pool. We always ensure the best service, assistance and excellent satisfaction that no other agencies can equally provide.

    We are very proud to have the following lead countries as it’s operational and deployment grounds

    Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Azerbaijan


    Recruitment Trip at Solaire Hotel for King Fahd Medical City, Riyadh

    Deployed Staff Nurses and Clinical Positions for Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs

    Deployed Staff Nurses and Clinical Positions for King Fahd Medical City, Riyadh

    Deployed RN – EMT candidates for Saudi Red Crescent Authority